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Hello, Mexico...

You Are Unstoppable.

Celebrating the first year of our community, we end the summer with a beautiful retreat.


This retreat was curated for the woman who desires to live a life of her own design. She is ready to take a step back from the world she has been existing in, unplug, and rediscover who she is at the soul level through self-reflection, sisterhood connection, and uninterrupted exploration. She is simply ready to live.

If you feel like you are constantly moving without rest, in search of your tribe, or out of touch with yourself then this is the retreat for you.


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8/24/24 - 8/29/24*
*dates are flexible within last week of August
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You're here because you are...

  • Answering the call of “more” is not easy. It is much easier to run the rat race set before you than to change your path but you need real change.

  • Open and ready to connect with, uplift, and accept support for other likeminded women.

  • Being honest with where you are in life and where you want to go.

  • Interested in creating your own balance on your own terms.

  • Excited to take on adventure and step outside of your comfort zone for the possibility of a life-changing experience!

I see you... I commend you... And I'm happy you're here.

The Butterfly Experience

The Butterfly Experience is a rejuvenating and refreshing experience with its own balance of adventure, relaxation, and meaningful connection. It serves as our "cocoon". We shed the past version of ourselves. We learn our true nature. We grow and emerge the women we were sent here to be. 

As we navigate the waters of our souls, we embark on meaningful activities that gently stretch and inspire us. Our sisterhood provides the support that encourages us to dig deep. And our solitude allows us to integrate our newfound identity.

And what's beautiful about this is that although we share this experience, we all take away lessons that encourage our individual growth.

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Welcoming Ceremony
5-night, 6-day accommodations

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks (excluding off-site activities)
Daily Morning Meditation and Evening Visualization
Mindful Workshops that improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
Complimentary Tea and Coffee (available daily)
Beautiful Cenote excursion 
Multiple Massage Treatments
Multiple Curated Ceremonies that promote grounding, restore balance, and encourage inner harmony
Private Driver to excursions and activities
Transfers to and from the airport
Closing Ceremony and Dinner
Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Woman in a Natural Stream
Screenshot (2449).png
Flights to and from Cancun
Gratuities (preferably in Pesos)
Dinner during off-site excursions and activities
Alcoholic beverages
Travel Insurance (recommended)
Tropical Beach
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  • Spa treatments that help you unwind and eliminate any built-up tension and stress you may have

  • Meaningful workshops dedicated to our theme of the day

  • A flexible schedule that allows you to step away and rejuvenate on your own when needed

  • Transformative excursions meant to complement your authentic life journey and get you outside of your comfort zone

  • Delectable authentic Mexican cuisine you'll indulge in daily

Screenshot (2447).png
  • A special gift to commemorate the experience

  • A new outlook on life*

  • The opportunity to take this experience a step further by using your newfound resources to craft the life you deserve

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens your eyes to the magic of you, the importance of sisterhood, and allows you to let your hair down and LIVE

  • A sacred ritual that allows you to integrate everything you learned and discovered during the retreat

*this depends on your ability to open up and embrace the experience

You deserve what you desire. This retreat is a chance for you to get just that.

If you feel that this is for you, click on the button below, tell us a little about yourself and your goals for the retreat. We look forward to meeting you.

Are you prepared and ready to step outside of your comfort zone and emmerse yourself into a truly rewarding and life-changing experience? One that can change the way you think, feel, and experience life...
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