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Unstoppable Woman Group Coaching gives you the support, the balance, and the ability to explore without reservation. It's the ultimate book club with a purpose. 

Under the guidance of the namesake book, you and your sisterhood, handpicked according to personality, goals, and current life circumstances, embark on a deeply satisfying journey to understanding yourself, relating to other women, and becoming the most authentic and balanced version of yourself.

This kind of coaching encourages us as women to bond on a deeper level, learn from each other, and uplift each other in a meaningful way.


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A solid, emotionally supportive, and relatable group of women you can lean on and offer different perspectives

A deeper level of understanding when it comes to how you are received and how you receive others

The ability to find your balance, regulate your energy, and reactivate your soul self

An understanding of what it means to forgive, trust, build confidence, and become your most authentic self

Learn how to use your natural superpowers to attract the life you desire

What You're Looking For

A relatable coach who speaks your language

Tools that help you delve into the deepest parts of you and take with you into the future

Practical and useful guidance that makes a difference in your daily life

A blueprint that gives you a step-by-step plan that caters to your strengths and weaknesses

Strategy... not just cliche advice and tricks (you can't cheat life)

A sisterhood that supports you and helps you develop into the woman you want to become

Tired of feeling stuck in the same loop of dissatisfaction, pain, and lack of purpose
Having a hard time finding balance in your energy, relationships, and internal-external world
Feeling constant criticism and pressure from yourself and everyone around you
Looking for a sisterhood of like-minded ladies who support your growth and offer you accountability from a place of love
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Ready to find yourself and create a beautifully harmonious relationship with yourself first
Looking for a coach and community with the ability to understand you and relate to you on deeper levels
Excited about the possibility of showing up authentically in your circle and everywhere you go with true confidence
Committed to making a positive change in your life... No excuses. No turning back. And no giving up on yourself.
Does that sound like you?
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-J S
My favorite part of being coached by Alisha is that she is fully invested in my goals. She provides endless support, from assisting me with my form to pushing me to be my own inspiration. Even on my hectic days, she manages to accommodate my busy schedule and maximize our time during sessions. All things considered, it's such a blessing to have a coach like her! 
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