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Identity Transformation/Reinvention (IT/R) Coaching is a dynamic process that works with you to shift your mind in a meaningful way which leads all other facets of life to follow.

This highly individualized approach allows us to go deep to identify what makes you the way you are and how you can use those traits, characteristics, and habits to your advantage. At the same time, you'll be healing your thought-belief patterns and nurturing your strengths.


All of this is done while implementing a specific and proven technique that is crucial to the IT/R coaching process.


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Clear negative and limiting thought patterns and unlearn systematic beliefs that have hindered your true nature

Develop an individual healthy balance that harmonizes and supports your vision, lifestyle, and goals

Identify, nurture, and utilize your strengths making them a part of your true essence

Learn how to maintain your new vision with ease

Create your blueprint for your vision, one that can be used at every milestone

What You're Looking For

A relatable coach who speaks your language

Principles you can use in all different facets of life

Practical and useful guidance that makes a difference in your daily life

A blueprint that gives you a step-by-step plan that caters to your strengths and weaknesses

Strategy... not just cliche advice and tricks (you can't cheat life)

A comprehensive system that encompasses mind, body, and spirit

Tired of feeling stuck in the same loop of dissatisfaction, pain, and lack of purpose
Having a hard time finding balance in your life, work, and with your internal and external world
Feeling constant criticism and pressure from yourself and everyone around you
Looking for yourself in all the wrong places whether that be in other people, circumstances, or jobs
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Ready to stop blaming, stalling, and letting your life pass you by
Looking for a coach with the ability to understand you and work with you where you are now
Excited about the possibility of designing your life the way you see fit
Committed to making a positive change in your life... No excuses. No turning back. And no giving up on yourself.
Does that sound like you?
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Reaching Out
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-K J

I have been working with Alisha for a few months now. She is a phenomenal coach, I deal with a lot of unacknowledged trauma. I'm excited to continue my sessions to unravel and dissect life challenges.”
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