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Corporate Wellness for All

Work with me to create a community of happy, healthy, and dedicated employees.

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Meet Alisha Elle,
Your Corporate Wellness Consultant

When it comes to work, you should feel just as seen, heard, and validated as you do in other areas of your life. Let's work together to make sure your company is not only a great place to grow, but a great place to work.

Why do you need a corporate wellness program?

Not having a well-tailored wellness program could cost you...

- A total of 15% - 20% of a company’s payroll is eaten up by voluntary turnover due to employee burnout which tells us that employee wellbeing amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars each year

- Employees are 7x more likely to strongly agree that they have meaningful connections at work as a result of an effective and inclusive wellness program

- Employees are as much as 13x more likely to feel like they are suffering, to lack social connections, rate their lives more negatively, and have a negative outlook on the future as opposed to their colleagues with higher social wellbeing

- It is stated that 67% of employees who work for organizations with effective and inclusive wellness programs report that they like their jobs more and would recommend the company to others

That tells us that wellness programs have the power to retain employees and keep them happy!​

...And this is just the beginning!

What's different about Corporate Wellness with Alisha?

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My Corporate Philosophy -

Your employees take care of your company. They should be taken care of too! My corporate wellness program tailors wellness to your company, your culture, and your staff.

What makes my work different?

For starters, it’s not a one size fits all kind of deal. I take into account the physical demand, mental stress, longevity, fitness, and overall happiness when creating your signature corporate wellness program. Science shows that healthy, happy employees perform better, go the extra mile, and report higher overall satisfaction at their jobs which results in more productive employees and an increase in profits by a landslide. In short, happy people make more money and are excited to do it. As a former corporate employee, I can vouch for that particular statistic. I felt so much pride to work for a company that took care of its employees and as a result, my colleagues, staff, and I were happy to work and work hard for our company.

Another factor that makes my approach to corporate wellness stand out is that I do an extensive dive into company culture, possible and actual areas of stress, desired work environment, employer and employee wellness goals, and where you are located. All of these things play a part in the way a company operates as well as the caliber of clients it can attract. With people getting more serious about their mental health and their work environment (which is where they spend a third of their life or more), having that edge could be the difference between gaining recognition as a top company and just missing the mark. My goal is to help you hit that mark!

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I want to be a part of a top-tier company, Let's talk!

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