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Body Bootcamp Series Presents...

Summer Time Fine!

Welcome to our first annual Pre-Summer Bootcamp!

Starts April 20th

So Here's The Issue...

Ladies... I understand there are plenty of ways to lose weight, build an amazing body, and build a healthy and sustainable relationship with food, right? 

How is that going so far?

The problem with the diets and workout programs out there today is that they are surface level, don't produce results, are not fun, and make you hangry. I propose we step away from the cliche experience and create a new wave. 

Have you experienced any of these?


Unsustainable diets

Without a filling spread, it is hard to stick to any eating plan. You have to be satisfied with your meals.

Checking Weight

Lack of Results

Studies show that the biggest motivation is seeing results. After one week of sticking to my program, people have seen amazing results!

Gym Workout

Unrealistic and Unhelpful Exercises

Doing crazy and unrealistic moves you see all over the internet are just for show. You can do simpler moves and achieve real results.


Unrealisitc Expectation or Promises

I won't tell you you will lose 30 pounds in a couple of weeks but I will set you up with the tools to achieve the body, mindset, and nutrition that works for you!

Health Certificate in Japanese

Unclear Instruction or Uncertified "Trainer"

If the person guiding you doesn't have the experience, how will you ever hit your goals? 

Video Call

No Real Support

I don't believe in handing you a few workouts and sending you on your way. I have spent over a decade hands-on experience. I am with you every step of the way!

So Let's Change It Up!

Lead by Alisha Elle,
Creator of the Body Bootcamp Series

Join me for an 8-week bootcamp designed to whip you into shape and transform your habits and health just before summer hits! Summer Time Fine is the theme for this year's bootcamp.


Our goal is always to have fun, but I am looking forward to taking our fitness to the next level. You can join us virtually or in person for live workouts on designated days! For those who are not in the area or can't seem to leave the house, we will stream the workouts for you.


No babe left behind! 

The Summer Time Fine Bootcamp Experience

*if you live in the area, you will be able to sign up to attend the workouts live in Los Angeles!

The Breakdown

Our 8-week bootcamp starts April 20th and ends June 20th, the first day of summer! Below you'll find what you have to look forward to in the bootcamp. Once you're in, you'll receive a full breakdown and a one-sheet with everything you'll need to be successful.  At the end of our bootcamp (the first day of summer), one lucky lady will walk away with a very valuable prize!


Weekly Targeted Workouts


Bootcamp and Nutrition Guide


Live Weekly Group Workouts


Q&A Sessions

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball


Your Personal Fitness Stats


Weekly Individual Check-ins


Support from a Pro!


Result Maintenance Guide

Woman Jogging

I want to join the BootCamp,
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