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Outdoor Fitness
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Bodyficiency Health and Fitness Coaching is the ultimate one-to-one fitness coaching. This program zeros in on your body, mind, and spirit in a way that helps you develop a better relationship with your body, food, and your internal critic.

Because fitness is more than muscles, I have developed a program that goes deep into your beliefs, attitudes, and abilities when it comes to creating internal balance and your most efficient and healthy body.

This program is being offered here in a one-to-one capacity for a limited time.  


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Clear negative and limiting thought patterns and unlearn systematic beliefs that have hindered your fitness journey

Develop an individual healthy balance that harmonizes and supports your vision, lifestyle, and goals

A true understanding of your body from the inside out, your fit story, and what type of exercise and nutrition works best for you

Learn how to maintain your new body and healthy lifestyle with ease

Create a better relationship with your body, food, and your ability to excel athletically

What You're Looking For

A relatable coach who speaks your language

Fitness principles that you can use now and for the rest of your life

Practical and useful guidance that makes a difference in your nutrition and mindset

A blueprint that gives you a step-by-step plan that caters to your strengths and weaknesses

Strategy... not just cliche advice and tricks (you can't cheat life)

A comprehensive system that encompasses mind, body, and spirit

Tired of feeling stuck in the same loop of dissatisfaction, frustration, and lack of progress
Having a hard time finding the right fitness program that you can actually follow and stick to
Feeling constant criticism and pressure from yourself and everyone around you
Looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see or avoiding the mirror altogether
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Ready to define fitness on your own terms and let go of mainstream pressure and expectations
Looking for a coach with the ability to understand you and work with you where you are now
Excited about the possibility of creating your best body, learning how to nurture it properly, and developing a strong mindset that keeps you accountable way past our time together
Committed to making a positive change in your life... No excuses. No turning back. And no giving up on yourself.
Does that sound like you?
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-M A

Alisha is a wonderful coach, mentor, and above all a wonderful person. It is through her kindness and support that has allowed me to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her program takes you through a lot of self-work and revision. The detox phase really allows you to take a deeper dive into what you put into your body, it allows you to reflect and it gives you the opportunity to do better and eat better. The dedication she puts into her clients is amazing and proves her passion for fitness and health. I learned so much with just one session, I learned my mistakes, how to correct them, and how to do better on my own. It took many fails and tries to get it, but she was patient enough to understand my needs and helped me succeed. Her plan had helped me mentally because it allows me to see that food should not be a form of escape, food is a source of love, care and nutrition. You feed your body quality foods because you love yourself, you should not eat to numb yourself. Through her program and journaling I have learned so much about myself. I have learned to take accountability for my feelings, face them and give myself the grace to do better and learn from my mistakes as opposed to be upset over them. We grow and we learn, and Alisha’s plan helped guide me in the right direction. Thank you for the endless opportunities to prove myself not only to you, but to myself as well. It has been a roller coaster of a journey but through her endless support and motivation I know that I can always pick myself up and do better. Thank you for never giving up on me, it’s helped me not give up on myself. You have been such a great motivator and have been continuously been motivating me no matter how challenging this gets for me, thank you Alisha. It’s coaches like you that allow us to keep up a healthy life and overall healthy mind. “
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