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About Alisha

Alisha Elle, Certified Holistic Identity Transformation Coach

Helping You Bring Your Vision to Life

...I was that girl. I didn't know where I was going. I knew I was meant for a lot more in my life but I didn't exactly know what or how I would get there. I threw myself into work, school, and fitness. Those were the only things I knew how to feel good and excel in all at the same time. But when I went to bed at night, I felt in my gut that I was not truly and deeply filled with the joy I was looking forward to in my life. I was falling behind in my own plans. It was when I took a step back, quieted my mind, and did some deep soul work that I found something I had missed. I had missed the fundamental truth and my own deep knowing that I was enough and it was time I acknowledged and pursued my deepest desires. I knew what I wanted my life to feel like. But I still needed something. You see, I had cultivated a vision but I had no way of getting there.​

The good thing? I wasn't far off. I had already learned so much on my journey that hinted toward my path. I knew I was meant to help people. I knew I was deeply interested in the human mind and body and how they worked together. I studied psychology, and human development, and learned everything I could about spirituality and how it affects the human mind and condition (and I continue to learn more every day). I wanted to know what made humans so different and so advanced. I wanted to know what made us, us. And in that, I had this deep desire to inspire people in a meaningful way.


I felt in my bones and in my soul that it was my path in life. ​But before I could step into my calling, I had to step out of my own way. I had to work on putting all of the people-pleasing, the defensiveness, the skepticism, the pain, the tolerance for what I didn't deserve, the perfectionism, the putting off, and most importantly I had to stop waiting for permission to become what God already said I would be. I needed to become me again, the me I was intended to be before the world got a hold of me. I needed to remember that I was sent here to inspire, not to be overtaken by the many different and fleeting ideas of what a woman, such as myself, was supposed to be.  


After years of deep self-work and reflection, I was able to get to a place where I actually recognized myself. It felt like deja vu to be honest. I was able to take what I learned in school and through coaches and apply that to my life, my journey, and my career. Things will never be perfect but at this point, I actually prefer that because it helped my return to myself and it propelled me into learning more and from more people. My departure from thinking I needed to be a certain way and trying to be something I'm not, led me to the greatest achievement in my life... knowing who I am, what I desire, and that I am worthy of all that I desire. This has solidified my path as a certified life coach and wellness professional.


And now I get to share that gift with all of you.

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