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You are not broken. You are simply on a journey of getting back to who you were in the first place.

- Alisha Elle

What does it mean to transform your identity?

This is coaching... but on a new level.

Introducing the Foundation, the Vision, the Feminine Essence, and the Self-suite.

Becoming an Unstoppable Woman

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We often stretch ourselves to the edge. Sometimes even beyond recognition. But the good news is...But it can be fixed.

On the journey to self-discovery and reinvention, we come up against all kinds of roadblocks. Whether it be old wounds, old identities, or old boyfriends, they have a way of holding us back. As we strive toward our new identity it's important to have a few things in place. 

The Foundation

Building trust, confidence, loyalty to purpose, and self-love.

Your Vision

Developing a well-rounded vision of what you desire in your life is essential to creating an authentic life that you love!

Feminine Essence

Cultivating and nurturing your divine feminine power to achieve the life you desire to live.

The Self-Suite

Keeping your best interests at heart and checking in with yourself on multiple levels.

I teach women, like you, how to reinvent themselves. I work with them to help build a solid foundation within before seeking anything external, like a new career, a new man, or a new house. A solid foundation gives you the unshakeable confidence you need to embark on your new path toward your new vision.

Once there is a solid foundation, you can build your vision. In this phase, I work closely with women to dive deep into what makes them tick, what brings out their passion and joy, as well as their natural abilities. We find clues here that inform and support your authentic desires. And when you are operating from this place, you'll find that there is so much passion and drive in you. You were never lazy or unmotivated. You simply hadn't found your lane. On this part of the journey, not only do you find your lane, but you OWN that lane like no other!

While on that journey, I guide women to the discovery of their feminine essence by exploring their God-given female power, their individual superpowers, and how to work with their trauma in order to create the powerful and elevated woman they see themselves to be.

Finally, I help women bring it all together in order to maintain their vision and have the ability to tap into the tools they learn so that they can adjust their vision and reinvent themselves as many times as they want. 

Our time together gives you the opportunity to make your outside match your inside or your inside match your outside.

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